Conference Microphone with Revoluto Technology

The microphone can be connected to Orbis microphone units like a gooseneck microphone. The vertical microphone array results in a horizontal corridor characteristic (horizontal cardioid, vertical lobe). This allows the conference participant maximum freedom of movement at a consistent intelligibility of speech. It is possible for two people to share one microphone unit. The vertical lobe polar pattern also optimises the gain before feedback in ceiling installations.

The Revoluto principle is based on the patented microphone array technology, where microphone capsules are arranged in a row. Compared to gooseneck microphones this creates a much greater voice range. As a result, the speaker must comply with neither the pick up pattern nor the usual small speaking distance. The speaker can be close to the microphone or further away. Due to the array technology sound fluctuations are minimised by different speech distance.
The vertical arrangement of the array allows maximum freedom of movement to the right and left without volume waste. The attenuation up and down limits the recording of signals and noises from the ceiling and table. Due to the large voice range two people can share one microphone. The microphone can also be used for video conferencing with several people. Due to the lateral placement of the microphone the workplace is free for laptops.

Reclinable microphone
The microphone can be reclined backwards to adapt the reclination and thus the alignment of the polar pattern to the situation and size of the speaker.

Gain before feedback
The vertical microphone arrays enables a high gain before feedback in ceiling installations.

RFI proof
The microphone is RFI proof, i.e. there is no interference from mobile phones.

LED ring
The microphone has an LED ring indicating the ready to speak status by a red illumination.

Made in Germany
Highest audio and product quality „Made in Germany“. The Revoluto technology was developed in Germany, the production is also in Germany.

Orbis the wired conference system has received the world-renowned “Red Dot Award: Product Design 2015”

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