Control Unit

The centre of your conference

The control unit sets new standards with regard to design and operability. High-quality materials and the innovative one-button navigation concept make this control unit unique and provide for extremely simple operation and configuration of numerous functions.

Advantages that you will remember.
The most important functions of the Orbis control unit.


Reliable operation

Maximum reliability due to redundancy. A set up with all microphone units in a loop ensures a system redundancy with a maximum operational reliability. Even when a defect within the cabling of the microphone units or a failure within the microphone units occurs, the conference system will still be powered from the other end of the loop.

OneButton navigation

Unprecedented user-friendliness that speaks for itself. The innovative one-button navigation makes operation of the system intuitive and implementation uncomplicated. By consistently dispensing with numerous sub-menus, we have achieved an unprecedented level of user-friendliness. An overview of all functions and parameters can be seen at a glance on the glass panel display.

System capacity

Excellent consumption figures enable a high number of microphone units. The line system topology allows the operation with a maximum of 100 microphone units using one control unit. If the system is connected in a loop to achieve the redundant operating mode, a maximum of 50 microphone units can be connected to one control unit. This impressive system capacity is achieved with economical microphone units that use less than 1 Watt in operation and at maximum volume.

Hot plugging

Additional microphone units can be added to the system or, if necessary, individual microphone units can be replaced, without interrupting the conference. In both cases there is automatic system recognition in the network.


The labelled and back-lit glass display provides clear and well-arranged presentation of the operating parameters. As only those functions which have been set are back-lit, the user has an overview at a glance and any changes are very simple.


Using the RS-232 interface, the Orbis can be connected to a media control system. Control commands allow convenient operation of the microphones and various status displays, such as redundancy, fire alarm and audio recording.


The integrated recorder allows each meeting to be recorded without an extra device to ensure the registration of important incidents. This function becomes only then visible, when an SD card has been inserted into the control unit.

Audio settings

Due to its flexibility, Orbis can be used for a variety of applications. Audio signals are channelled and emitted via inputs and outputs in the digital signal processor, for example for telephone or video conferences or for the inclusion of a foreign language channel for interpreting purposes.

19" rack mount kit

In order to mount the control unit in a 19“ rack, we supply a 19“ rack mount kit as an optional accessory.


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